Excited About Becoming a LCC

I have already had such wonderful experiences with the Cultural Care program from the perspective of a Host Family. We have had seven differnet male Au Pairs from a variety of countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden and Slovakia. My two sons enjoyed lots of activity and games with the Au Pairs, i.e. basketball, ping pong, manhunt, building snow forts, having snowball fights, etc. My sons got to learn about other cultures through observing and asking lots of questions. My wife and I also enjoyed having live-in childcare as we both work and could rest easy knowing that our children were in good hands evn as last minute needs at work occasionally prevented us from getting home at our usual time.

We enjoyed introducing ur Au Pairs to American culture and the great cultural offerings in the the New York City area. We always treated our Au Pairs as one of the family and I believe every single one would tell you they felt like family.

I look forward to becoming a LCC so I can help Host Families and Au Pairs have similar great experiences with the program.

Thursday, 13 September 2012 3:22 PM


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